Pankuri (left) and Daksh (right) with their mom.  These siblings were born with extra fingers and toes, which were surgically removed.

Daksh’s hands before surgery.

Tanuja before surgery with the beautiful quilt she picked out.

Tanuja and her mom after surgery which released the burn scar contracture of her left arm.

Every afternoon since opening clinic, we hold a screening clinic for new patients.  An anesthesiologist, pediatrician and surgeon examine patient and discuss each case together to determine if surgery is possible.  Seated left to right:  Brian Walker (Mission Director), Michael Lim (Anesthesiologist), Abha Goel (Pediatrician), Dennis Dundas (Medical Director) and Bryan Stamm (Lead Pediatrician).

We have two very experienced surgeons on our trip:  the first, Dennis Dundas at work with a local OR technician in the operating room.

Our Rotary host, Rahul Wadhwa observing Dr Dundas’ surgical case.

Our second surgeon, Devi Tantri, performing surgery on a patient.

The Dream Team — Dr Dundas and Dr  Tantri work together on this patient to free his thumbs and forefingers from their webbed positions.  Together these surgeons have gathered tremendous experience over the years.  They are true artists in devising elaborate surgical plans to make a patient’s life better.

Things we pass on the way on the way to the hospital each day.