The first day of surgery is always an exciting time on a Rotaplast mission. The medical time spent hours after the pre-clinic setting up the operating rooms for the first day of surgery so that they are properly equipped with all the necessary equipment and required medication. The team had a de-briefing session prior to the start of the surgeries to stress the importance of Safety as it is always a priority on a Rotaplast mission.

We had 10 surgeries scheduled for the day, most were cleft lip repairs with two palate cases.

35-year-old Sirieli was the first patient to be operated. It was a life changing experience for when Dr. Devi did his magic on her cleft lips. Her joy knew no bounds and she could not hold back her tears when Dr. Rene went to visit her for the post-op check.

Dorkas Paolo’s mom could not believe her eyes when she saw her little 3-year-old baby after her surgery, all she said was wah! and took her baby in her arms.

One of the last patients for the day was the 68-year-old Fatuma Mohammed. She kept thanking the lord after she saw the difference in her face after the surgery. Her family, her kids and grandkids were there to share this wonderful moment with Fatuma. They could not believe their eyes and could barely recognize her!