The advance preparation has been profound. Join us on a trip toward the miraculous…

Our Team of talented, caring, dedicated medical providers and support staff that number 27 total, will bring everything they have… skills, and heart. 

Rotaplast International Team

They are here to provide surgery and medical service to hundreds of people who wait in hope. The hospital in Guatemala City where all evaluations and surgeries will be performed is Hospital Social San Lazaro. 

Team Rotaplast International assembled early A.M. just before the arrival of patients.

This Rotaplast Mission is sponsored by Rotaplast San Jose. Rotaplast International and Rotaplast Guatemala have worked together for the better part of a year to implement this enormous surgical undertaking. 

International cooperation, with a spirit of love, caring for all peoples of our world, while providing medical treatment of necessity. Everyone is focused and ready to go. Now the good work begins.

Children have been examined, then evaluated for appropriate surgical procedures, tests are performed to ascertain if the children are in good health. The lines are long, families from all over Guatemala wait, with hope, for the opportunity to have surgery.

The necessary procedures will change their lives, offering hope and medical treatment that is otherwise unaffordable. They are eager, but quiet, waiting patiently for their appointment.

Thank you to Rotaplast International and Guatemala Rotaplast for extraordinary dedication and service. Rotaplast International has provided services from  medical professionals, volunteers, interpreters, and fundraising events.

Every Rotarian has served without financial reward, working countless hours each day providing quality of life to those who cannot afford.

Follow us on this journey which will be life changing for everyone…

The crowds have arrived early eagerly awaiting an appointment on the first day of assessment.


Early A.M. rain did not dissuade people from coming out from waiting.
View facing the Clinic.


 The soul is healed by being with children – Fyodor Dostoyevsky