Cres, age 3 exhibits lots of energy despite the fact he has been NPO since last night.  He runs from his cot to the play area to grab a pack of crayons. Pediatrician Dr. Liz Hawkes examines Cres in order to clear him for surgery.Cres is inquisitive, examining closely the identification tag as he settles into the arms of his father. They are about to be transported to surgery.  Dad shows concern for his son.  This surgery is going to transform the life of the family.

Princess, 7 months is everything her name suggests.  Dad stands close as Princess is prepared to be transported to the surgical floor.  Earlier, he gently caressed his daughter’s hair as she was cleared for surgery.

JM Sonoron, 2 years old waits with his parents on the pre-operative ward.

Veteran Rotaplast nurse Victoria Slama, RN visits the children on the surgical floor just prior to surgery.  There she treats them with stuffed animals, flash lights and other toys to keep their minds and hearts occupied. Rotaplast sterilizer Don Martini is assisted by the local hospital staff to ensure all equipment to sterilized, packaged and ready for the next operation.PACU assistant Terry Curren sits with a baby as she recovers from surgery.  Once the baby is awake, she’ll call for her parent.Princess rests in her mother’s arms as lead pediatrician Dr. Paula Rand examines her. Princess is then moved to the post-op ward  by Rotaplast transport Ami Borovick.  Raymond gets Princess and her mother settled in the wheel chair for the trip up the ramp to the fifth floor.