Wilson is an exuberant happy 5 year old child always ready with a smile.  Yesterday, he was one of the first children who noticed my camera and posed for a picture several times. Wilson is old enough to be in school, yet his mother has kept him out for fear that he would be bullied and teased if he was among other children. His parents were referred to Rotaplast by a neighbor whose child also has a cleft anomaly.  Unfortunately, the neighbor’s child came down with a fever on clinic day which creates risk if he undergoes an operation.   Wilson, however, will have his unilateral cleft lip repaired today.From the moment I met Nina, she has never shied away from the camera.  At 5 years old, she has an outgoing engaging personality.  This has helped her during her first year at kinder one school.  Her parents, Marilyn and Ruchel describe her as having lots of friends at school. The family heard Rotaplast Cebu City mission advertised on Radio DYHP through an ad campaign sponsored by the Cebu Port Center Rotary Club.  I think of how fortunate Nina is that someone was listening to the radio at the right time.  Her life will be forever changed because of that one radio advertisement that brought her to Rotaplast.