John, aged 4 and Jade, age 7 are two of 8 siblings.  They were both born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. The year Jade was born, his dad, Jeber saw an advertisement on TV for Rotaplast.  The family came to the mission as a walk-in.  At 9 months old, Jade’s lip was fixed.  Upon the birth of John, Jeber and John’s mother Veronica knew where to go.  They knew because Rotaplast has been coming to Cebu City every year for several years.  They knew their son could receive a life-saving surgery here.

And now in 2018, both children are back to have their palates repaired.  John was operated on Friday.  He’ll stay at the hospital so the nursing staff and Rotaplast can monitor his slight fever.  His older sister is here to sit with him while Jeber tends to Jade who will be operated on today.  Veronica needs to travel home to care for the rest of the children.

With a smile, Jeber who works as a street vendor selling water says, “ I am very happy Rotaplast is here for my children.”  He poses for a picture with OR nurse Irena Jaspar, RN.