The post-op ward was particularly crowded today because palate surgery patients stay two nights. Most surgeries for the past two days have been hard and soft palate repairs.Dr. Brad Coots examines a post-operative child as (right to left) Drs. Sib Schepel, Hootan Daneshmand and Medical Director Rod Simonds observe.Rotaplast ward coordinator Jim Stone works with the local nursing staff to ensure charts and patients are matched correctly, patients’ needs are addressed and the ward runs orderly.Children color at the play area.  Later, their art work will cover the walls of the ward.

Mission Director Evelyn Abad, RN and Lead PACU Nurse Paula Fillari, RN visit with families prior to the start of our fifth day of surgery.

Proud father Wendie Sr. shows us his son Wendie Jr.  They had a good night and are being discharged today.  The transformation to Wendie Jr. is astonishing.  Below is Wendie Jr. before surgery.