Tanvi, 23, is here with her mother. Tanvi was 15 years old, when a gas stove burst in front of her while she was cooking.  She received severe burns on her chest, neck and lower face.  Tanvi is college educated and speaks English very well. Talking with Tanvi was a pleasure.  Her smile beams when she speaks.  She read about Rotaplast in the local newspaper. Rotaplast released contractors from her neck and repaired her chin with a skin graft.Waiting for surgery can be stressful for anyone. Entertaining patients, young or old with coloring and conversation goes a long way to occupy the mind. OR Nurse Rashpail Basi, RN and I wait with Tanvi and 6 year old Krishna as they both wait for surgery.Ruby is 19 years old.  Five years ago, she was making tea when a gas cylinder fell over onto the flame.  Ruby’s face immediately caught fire.  Her family took her to a hospital in Agra where she was treated with a medicated salve and bandages.  After two weeks she was sent home.  Ruby married a year after the accident.  She and her husband, Dinesh have two children who accompanied them to the hospital along with other family members.  Dinesh works as a rickshaw driver.  In November 2018, Ruby came to the Narnaul, India Rotaplast mission seeking help.  She arrived the second to last day of the mission.  Due to the full schedule and severity of her burn contracture Rotaplast asked her to please come when we return in May 2019 to Firozabad.  She did.Recovery assistant Heather Bilodeau keeps Ruby company while she colors in the operating waiting area.  Sangita Seshardri translates for Ruby in recovery while Dinesh looks on with concern.