When I was a kid, I always thought that one day I would be a doctor and then later I would be a journalist for National Geographic and then later I might some sort of detective and then later something that involved world travel. But then one day I woke up and I was 50ish and sitting in a cubicle and realized that I was never going to be any of those things. But then today I woke up and I got to be all of those things in one day and for the next 10 days and it was really pretty much the most AWESOME DAY EVER!!!!! Please don’t tell my boss, but I am not coming back to work.

Our super surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists did 15 surgeries today! That is Dr. Daneshmand, Dr. Solis. Dr. Benacci, Dr. Rama, Dr Ryan, and Dr. Johnson and all the others that I will highlight later on in the week!!!!. They rock!

But enough about us. This is about the kids!

This is Karen. She was our very first patient today. She was a rock star! Notice the quilt she is carrying. Each quilt is made with love by volunteers all over the country for Rotaplast. Each child gets one on their way to surgery. It is on them during surgery and it is theirs to keep. Each one is totally unique, TOTALLY!


Here is a picture of a patient in surgery with his quilt keeping him warm.

Families wait with their children right up until surgery starts…

After surgery many hands are busy in the PACU making sure that recovery goes smoothly as it does here.

And when the kids are feeling better…

They get to go back up to the ward and rest with mom and dad. Mike, our QuarterMaster and Patient Transporter Extrodinaire takes the patients to where they need to be! Paula, our pediatrician is right behind him, checking them as they go.

Sometimes, with just a little extra help from mom!

Everything went smoothly today. We assisted 15 children. Hopefully tomorrow we will do that same. I was able to pitch in and help where ever I was needed, learn much, share in some laughter, and joy and help share the story. Not a bad day at the office.