Every mission has specific functional job roles often disparate from one another but each integral to the ability to provide care to so many in such a short period of time.

Roger Schulte on his 4th mission manages medical records – the detailed record-keeping that must be meticulously managed beginning on day one and throughout the mission. When back at home Roger does valuable fund-raising to the Rotarian community to ensure Rotaplast can meet their annual mission goal.

Suzy Dix, mission 5, transports patients from where they’ve been waiting in the wards to be called to surgery and again from PACU to post-operative wards. She is a welcome sight to the children in the wards, happy to play and encouraging smiles.

Maureen Lackey is serving on her 2nd mission and plans on many more. Instrument sterilizer in Nagamangala, she is learning various job functions and will be able to wear many hats on future missions.