In K’iche’ the word to love is loq’oq’ej and this is what we are all feeling on this beautiful day. Love for our host country and its beautiful people and loq’oq’ej and k’amowaj (to give thanks), to our strong, incredible, trusting families and our patients. We put loq’oq’ej/love in everything we do; from registering a patient and testing them for covid in the clinic to supporting the parents of the children who just came out of surgery. Love is at the core of Rotaplast and our mission to serve all those in need of our service. Help spread the loq’oq’ej and k’amowaj in your community by participating in a local service project or by giving to Rotaplast to help our team continue serving our local and global communities.

“These operations are a gift to families that change their lives for the better. Rotaplast has changed my professional life since I served on the very first mission in 1993 with Dr. Angelo Capozzi. We are better people and better doctors because of these missions.”- Dr. David Morwood.