The last full day of surgery is a great success. Many patients have been operated on today with complex burns. The total will be 58 patients with 92 procedures/surgery at the end of the mission. This morning we started with the round in the department.

Making progress we say… Well today that is certainly the case, 3 operating tables were fully planned and even a bit ‘overbooked’ to accommodate the ‘no shows’. And just today there are no ‘no shows’. Everything is in order and it runs smoothly. That means great results at the end of the day.


Firozabad is the region for ‘glass’. Everywhere you see chimneys of the glass factories. The factories are active 24/7 and glasses, bowls, bottles and much more are produced on the assembly line.

Imran Mohd Ayem lives near a factory. He goes to school of course and when he is free he plays outside with his friends. Often that is cricket and Imran is a good catcher. During the game, the accident happened. Imran fell and his face fell into shards of glass. With a little effort, people have cleaned and bandaged his face, but unfortunately there are still 3 pieces of glass left under his skin.

The glass has to come out and Sibrand has done that. A nice detail was that the father insisted on getting the glass pieces and he got them in a jar.