Rotaplast not only operates on cleft lips, but also open palates and not to mention scars after burns. The scars are not only painful, but often cause limitations. The scars do not grow. They are not flexible. They become ‘tight’ limiting mobility and growth which can even lead to limb deformities. If that happens, the patient often becomes very limited in their actions and may not be able to make a (working) contribution to society. These burn surgeries free the patient from their scars. It lets them move, allowing them to participate in society again.

Rotaplast mission Agra India 2023 - more than lips

The operations of the cleft lips and open palates are also very important. These patients are also rejected from society (sometimes even by parents) because of stigma and lack of understanding. Sometimes society is unable to meet cleft lip and/or palate patients where they stand. These patients require special care as communication and feeding are more difficult.  Today it was Gupta Siddhi’s turn, among others, who was operated on by plastic surgeon Ian Wilson. The pictures below show the process of Gupta Siddhi’s cleft lip surgery. We are thankful to work with Gupta Siddhi and their family and proud of our work with Rotaplast.


Rotaplast mission Agra India 2023 - more than lips

Every day we work as a team,  to give patients the smile they deserve. This is a fresh starting point Gupta Siddhi with endless possibility.

Rotaplast mission Agra India 2023 - does more than lips

This day was another beautiful day with a mix of operations.