Sometimes it is difficult to schedule the operations here in Firozabad. Not because there are no registrations (despite the fact that there may also be some more), but mainly because there are ‘no shows’ and ‘Walk Ins’. If a patient does not show up, then another patient is given the opportunity to have surgery. When this happens we contact patients who were seen and confirmed as candidates for surgery during pre clinic and ask them to come to the hospital. There are also patients who do not come. Sometimes it is even true that a ‘no show’ from days before, then suddenly it pops up. Of course, the team then does its best to schedule this patient. Life is complicated – we try to meet our patients where they stand, understanding that surgery is a partnership and it is a privilege for us to work with them.

In addition, there are also many ‘Walk Ins’. These individuals for one reason or another were not able to attend the pre-clinic day. We carefully assess them as candidates for surgery and, if we can speak to their clinical needs, schedule them for surgery. That said, some of the patients we are seeing are in some of the lowest socio economic brackets, in some circumstances due to their lack of ability to work due to scarring. They must make difficult decisions which either lead to them arriving late or departing early.

It naturally means that the team and the schedule must be very flexible and that there is continuous coordination with all components. To ensure that all this runs smoothly, the Head Nurse is constantly shifting around the schedule to ensure that the operating room stays full and as many people receive life changing surgery as possible.

There are many patients that we have been able to work with.
We are lucky to have met them and thankful for their trust and kindness.

We gave Nafiya Naaz a hand…

In India within the lower socioeconomic strata, cooking is still done with kerosene and in some households even low on or near the ground. Hot pots and pans filled with oil are of course a terrible danger to anyone who goes into the kitchen. Unfortunately, some people often don’t find out until it’s too late.

Nafiya Naaz lives with her parents near Dhir Pur (nearby Firozabad where our hospital is located). They are a poor and hardworking family. Nafiya is now 3 years old, but when she was a baby, she used to crawl into the kitchen. While crawling, she puts her right hand in a bowl with boiling hot oil. The next minutes, hours, and days are terrible for her. Her burns are of course being cared for as best as possible. After the burns have healed and the scars have become Nafiya continues to grow and develop into this charming 3 year old girl. But scar tissue is not flexible and does not grow with the rest. As a result, her right hand deforms into a limb that she cannot use and that continues to bother her. To prevent even worse deformity of her hand and fingers, she needs surgery. Skin is removed from her abdomen and her hand is reconstructed (relieved). She will be able to use her hand “as she should” in a few weeks, but she will need a lot of therapy to do so. Practice, practice and more practice…

She’s a strong and determined girl, who as a 3 year old has been through more than most of us. Big things are in store for her – a bright future. Good luck Nafiya. One day we hope to shake your hand!

“This is going to be very nice soon”

This young baby had a pretty big cleft lip. And we are very proud of the result! The closing of the lip was successful. The smile has gotten a little more room.