Rotaplast missions would never occur without local support from the communities being served. For the Luxor mission, we are so fortunate to have Dr. Mamdouh Hassan, a surgeon based in Cairo, leading the effort to secure facilities and prescreen some patients. Working with him was Eman Sallam who coordinated the challenging logistics during the unusually long layover in Cairo. The team was treated to a brief look at the pyramids, followed by an opportunity for quick naps and then back to the airport for the midnight flight to Luxor. It was a very long day….and we felt very welcomed!

After a late start, due to the middle of the night flight into Luxor, we still managed to register 70 patients. Translations were provided by an incredible group of young Egyptians, former AFS exchange students. Patients were registered and screened by the pediatricians, surgeons and anesthesiologists to make sure that we could provide the needed treatment, and that the patients were physically able to tolerate our procedures.

Ages ranged from a 1-month old baby to several adults. Needed procedures were cleft lips and cleft palates, prior cleft repairs needing additional treatment, and a variety of burn contractures that needed treatment to allow better function.

Our team’s preclinical screenings happened at the busy Karnak Hospital in Luxor. However, Dr. Hassan has arranged for the surgeries to occur at the brand new El Odaisat Children’s Hospital. We will have the entire facility for our use, a special opportunity.  This should allow us to efficiently and comfortably treat an increased number of patients. Good news for all those seeking treatment.

Thank you Dr. Hassan and Eman for all your hard work and pre planning. It’s great to be on the same team!

Mission #257, 30 years, 21,000+ lives changed for the better!