Pictured above: Ahmed at pre op. He just received his Wrap-A-Smile quilt, made by quilters in the U.S. to wish him good luck with his surgery.

This young man melted our hearts. Taking you through his story will also illustrate the routines we go through during our surgical clinics.

At patient registration, Ahmeds’s parents’ concern was his prominent ears. While we don’t do strictly cosmetic procedures, an otoplasty was justified for emotional security. After his intake photos, 8 year old Ahmed offered a handshake and thanked everyone who was helping him.

Waiting with his parents at pre op. The team brings coloring books and other distractions to ease the wait.

Hearing a 14-year-old girl, two beds away, who was scared and crying, Ahmed offered to console her. He reached for her hand as her father stroked his cheek in appreciation. Pediatrician Dr. Gallagher and our translator enjoy the special moment.

No words needed….

Surgeon Dr. Costanzo makes sure that Ahmed and his parents understand the procedure to be done.

In the OR – Dr. Tully starting the anesthesia.

In the recovery room, surgery finished.

After one overnight in the hospital, time to go home with momma, but not before Ahmed did his rounds. He sought out and thanked everyone who had helped him. Ahmed, our champion of kindness.