Yesterday’s photos seem to have evaporated in cyberspace! But pictures tell the story so here we go….

Pictured above is the Rotaplast Team in front of El Odaisat Children’s Hospital, Luxor, Egypt

The AFS team, our volunteer translators. As former AFS exchange students they have all studied abroad in the US. They are not only fluent in English, but have an understanding of our culture which makes their translations easier.

Safety first, being prepared for the unexpected….

One of the many waiting rooms of hopeful patients

Eager and anxious families

Screenings and registrations

A cooperative little guy for his ID photo

A bit shy….

Three brothers with extensive facial scarring from a gas explosion. As they were fully functional surgery was not indicated.  We hope they will be able to receive some laser treatment in the future. They were friendly and animated….and also gracious about the decision. It broke our hearts to not be able to do more, but they gave every indication of still loving life.