Pictured above: Patient thrilled to have her scarred hand modified for better function. Shelby also offered guidance for her prosthetic left foot, the foot being previously amputated after burn injury.

Not every mission includes a physical therapist so we are lucky to have Shelby Wood, a Burn PT, with us. The incidence of burns here in Egypt has us expanding our services. Past missions have observed that the prevalence of burns varies by geographic location so Rotaplast teams are configured based on anticipated needs.

We are providing surgical intervention for many patients presenting with functional impairments from burn injuries. Shelby provides follow up care not limited to but including: exercises, scar management and splint fabrication. She has also helped with surgical evaluations and dressing changes for patients undergoing treatment for more recent burns.

Shelby also loves to teach. Here she is with her Egyptian counterpart who is training to expand her services for burn patients.  Sharing knowledge with and mentoring our Egyptian colleagues contributes to the sustainability of Rotaplast missions.

This is Shelby’s second Rotaplast mission.  She recently moved to Australia but intends to be available to help with future missions as needed.  It’s been a pleasure having her on the team and her patients obviously enjoyed her.