Our lead pediatrician has been doing this for some time and we’re lucky to have him. Dr. Vruels graduated from the Erasmus University and Rotterdam Medical School.  Dr. Vreuls is from the Netherlands and has been doing missions for 38 years, including 17 missions with Rotaplast. He said his missions have mainly been in Africa and he considers himself to be a “tropical Doctor”.  Dr. Vruels said the thing about these missions is that they are “always a challenge getting started” but the satisfaction comes when they are up and running and doing what they’re meant to do. Dr. Vruels is a man who always has a smile on his face, is great with the children and is always willing to help. The story that sticks out in his mind the most is was a mission in Africa, when a Masai warrior brought in his little brother for a cleft lip surgery.