Rotaract member Cathy Lizzie engages two young children in a coloring activity using crayons in the ward. Her warm interaction fosters a comforting environment where children can relax and express themselves creatively during their recovery. Such moments of care and companionship exemplify the spirit of compassion that defines Rotaplast’s mission, enriching the experience for both patients and volunteers alike.

Rotarian and Dentist Melissa Rinck, DDS, performs a teeth cleaning procedure on a patient, assisted by local Ugandan dentist Jamal. Recently graduated from school, Jamal’s education was sponsored by the Melissa Prandi Children Foundation, of which Melissa Prandi herself is a Rotarian. This collaboration not only enhances dental care but also underscores the foundation’s commitment to empowering local professionals and supporting community health initiatives.

PACU Nurse Luzviminda Accos, RN, assists a young woman in drinking apple juice from a cup, carefully supporting her as both of her hands are bandaged following surgery to address burn contractures. This compassionate gesture not only provides hydration but also reflects the dedicated care aimed at improving mobility and comfort for the patient. The moment exemplifies Rotaplast’s commitment to holistic healing, ensuring patients receive both medical treatment and nurturing support during their recovery process.

Anesthesia Resident Payton Gore, MD, gently carries a young child through the PACU to the operating theatre, where the child is scheduled to undergo surgery. The child rests peacefully in her arms, a testament to the trust and comfort established between medical staff and patients. This moment underscores Rotaplast’s commitment to compassionate care, ensuring each child’s journey through surgery is as calm and supportive as possible.

Dutch Surgeon Sibrand Schepel, MD, sits at a desk adorned with an American Flag doctor hat, focused on filling out paperwork. Nearby, COVID tests are visible, underscoring the rigorous safety protocols in place for both potential patients and staff during this medical mission. This attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the mission is conducted with utmost safety and care, reflecting Rotaplast’s commitment to providing high-quality medical treatment in a secure environment.

Surgeon Karla Werninghaus, MD, diligently fills out paperwork on a bed in the PACU, with a child recovering from surgery resting peacefully in the background. This scene encapsulates the dual focus on administrative duties and patient care that defines the Rotaplast mission. Each form filled out represents another step towards providing comprehensive medical treatment, ensuring that every child receives the attention and care they need for a successful recovery.

At a Rotary meeting, a bugs-eye-view shot captures the feet and sandals of a dancer from the Heart of Dance African Rhythm. Attached to his sandals are percussion instruments that create rhythmic drum sounds as he moves, showcasing the cultural richness and musical tradition celebrated through dance at the center. Such vibrant displays of local talent not only entertain but also embody the spirit of community and creativity that enriches the Rotaplast mission experience in Kampala.

At the Rotary Club of Kampala-Nsambya’s weekly meeting, honored guest Melissa Prandi joins in the celebration by happily dancing with members of the Heart of Dance. Her joyful participation highlights the strong connection and shared spirit of community between the local Rotarians and the Rotaplast team, adding a memorable and lively touch to the gathering.

Medical Director Angelo Capozzi, MD, joined by Melissa Prandi, local Rotarians from the Club of Kampala-Nsambya, and members of the Uganda Rotaract, ceremoniously cut a cake together. This celebration highlights the collaborative spirit and the significant impact of Rotary and the Rotaplast mission, emphasizing the unity and shared dedication to bringing positive change to the community.

At a Rotary meeting, Talent and Angela from Rotaract Kampala Central led a graduation ceremony procession for students celebrating their university completion. These students were able to achieve higher education thanks to sponsorships from the Melissa Prandi Children Foundation. The ceremony underscored the foundation’s commitment to empowering young individuals through education, marking a significant milestone in their academic and personal journeys.

In the ward, a young child sits smiling on a bed, with his mother beaming in the background. This heartwarming scene captures the joy and relief that come with successful medical care, reflecting the positive impact of the Rotaplast mission on both patients and their families.

In the ward, a mother sits on a bed, her baby peeking out from beneath the blankets. This tender moment encapsulates the comfort and care provided to families during the Rotaplast mission, highlighting the close bond and sense of security between parent and child amidst their medical journey.