Mission Director Brian Walker stands next to a man who was an electrician before losing both of his hands. Brian holds a prosthetic hand assembled by Rotarians and provided by Odyssey Teams’ Build a Hand® program (formerly known as Helping Hands). This initiative is dedicated to changing lives by constructing prosthetic hands for amputees worldwide who cannot afford prosthetic devices. The program embodies the spirit of compassion and global support, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

Mission Director Brian Walker explains how to use a prosthetic hand to a man who was an electrician before losing both of his hands. The prosthetic hand, assembled by Rotarians and provided by Odyssey Teams’ Build a Hand® program, is part of an initiative dedicated to changing lives by offering prosthetic hands to amputees who cannot afford them. This program exemplifies global compassion and support, significantly impacting those in need.

In this photo, a local Ugandan family from Solomons’ Outside Catering has been preparing and delivering a delicious lunch for our team. The meals consist of traditional dishes like matoke, boiled beans, rice, chicken, and a flavorful peanut sauce. Their generous contribution nourishes us and offers a delightful taste of local cuisine, enriching our cultural experience during the mission.

COVID Safety Officer Dr. Arzoo Salami, Occupational Therapist Kristin Koch, Medical Records & Rotaplast Board Member Barbara “Barbie” Hernandez, and Quartermaster & Sterilizer Gary Butler stand smiling for a group photo outside Marie’s Royal Hotel. They are eagerly waiting for the bus to arrive, ready to begin another day of surgeries. Their smiles and camaraderie capture the team’s spirit and dedication as they prepare to make a difference in the lives of their patients.

A mother sits holding her child, who has just undergone cleft lip surgery. This vivid image highlights the unique aspect of a Rotaplast mission, made possible by the quilters of Wrap-A-Smile. Since 2001, Wrap-A-Smile has hand-crafted beautiful children’s quilts for Rotaplast to distribute during missions. Each child treated on a Rotaplast mission takes home a quilt of their own. These quilts provide warmth and serve as a cherished token of love, commemorating the day they received a new smile. Annually, Wrap-A-Smile supplies Rotaplast with over 1,500 quilts, supporting missions at 48 rotating sites worldwide.

Medical Records and Rotaplast Board Member Barbara “Barbie” Hernandez collaborates with Head Nurse David Sparks, RN, to meticulously plan the daily surgery schedule. They carefully juggle various factors, always prioritizing safety, to ensure that as many children—and some adults—as possible can undergo life-changing surgeries for cleft lips, palates, and burn contractures. Their teamwork and dedication are crucial in maximizing the mission’s impact and providing transformative care to those in need.

Anesthesiologist Laura Joanne Davis adjusts the lights in the operating room while providing anesthesia to a patient. Her dual role ensures that the surgical environment is optimal and the patient remains safe and comfortable throughout the procedure, highlighting the multifaceted responsibilities of the medical team during the mission.

A close-up captures a young child’s hand resting on a quilt made by Wrap-A-Smile, which is folded to provide support and elevation to an arm that has undergone surgery for a burn contracture. This tender moment not only highlights the medical care provided but also the comforting presence of the handmade quilt. Each quilt represents a gift of warmth and love from the quilters of Wrap-A-Smile, symbolizing the care and support extended to every child treated during the Rotaplast mission.

Lead PACU Nurse Paula Fillari, RN, CCRN, gently uses a syringe to feed apple juice to a young child who has just awakened from surgery. The apple juice, both refreshing and hydrating, helps soothe the child, ensuring they are comfortable and well-cared for in their recovery. This small act of kindness exemplifies the compassionate care provided by the Rotaplast team.

PACU Assistant Constance “Connie” Taylor comforts a child resting in its mother’s arms, wrapped in a quilt from Wrap-A-Smile. The quilt features a “T” stitched into the pattern, an homage to the founder, Terry Hodskins. This tender moment reflects the deep care and personal touch that defines the Rotaplast mission, as every detail, from the comforting presence of the staff to the thoughtfully crafted quilts, contributes to the healing journey of each patient.

Recreation therapist Trina Coffman-Gomez reviews the post-operation medication for a child as the child’s mother folds a blanket nearby. The child and his twin brother sleep peacefully on the bed in the ward, bathed in the warm sunlight streaming through the window in Kampala. This serene scene captures a moment of rest and recovery, highlighting the compassionate care provided by the Rotaplast team and the support of loving families.

Fred Byabasaijja, the Past President of the Rotary Club of Kampala-Nsambya, alongside two visitors from the Melissa Prandi Children Foundation, stands behind the wheelchair of a child who is about to undergo surgery. Their supportive presence underscores the collaborative effort and community involvement that drive Rotaplast missions. Together, they symbolize the commitment to providing essential medical care and transforming lives, ensuring every child receives the treatment they need with dignity and compassion.

Two Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Kampala-Nsambya and Melissa Prandi pose for a photo before embarking on a tour of the operating rooms. In the background, Mission Director Brian Walker smiles warmly, reflecting the collaborative spirit and dedication to the mission’s success. Their visit underscores the vital partnership between local organizations and Rotaplast, ensuring comprehensive support and care for every patient undergoing surgery.

A young child who underwent surgery for a burn contracture on one of her hands lies in bed, smiling brightly as she is comforted by the hand of one of our volunteers. This heartwarming moment captures the essence of Rotaplast’s mission—bringing healing and hope to children in need. The gentle touch of our volunteer reflects the compassion and support that define our efforts, ensuring each child receives not only medical care but also emotional comfort during their recovery journey.