I’ll never forget the first time I saw Kien. The day of the clinic he came into the room so that I could take his picture for his file. He sat down in the chair and when I got the camera ready to take his picture he gave me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. He was so excited he could barely sit still for me.

I saw him down in the pre-op room coloring and waiting patiently for his turn.  He was the last child scheduled for surgery today. The day dragged on for me, two and a half hours for each operation, and I could only imagine how long it must have felt for him.

We brought him and his mother upstairs.  While waiting to go in for surgery we blew bubbles to help lighten the mood for the children and the parents. It’s such a joy to see the parents and the children laughing as the children chase after the bubbles trying to catch them. Kien was especially enthusiastic.

It was such a joy seeing Kien’s mother’s face when he came out of the operating room. She knows now his future is much brighter.