Well, Rotaplast International Medical Mission has always been a bringer of good news and miracles to many unfortunate Filipinos who are suffering from facial deformities. We, the local Rotarians always pray and hope that Rotaplast will come again year after year as we realized that there are more patients suffering from cleft lip and cleft palate.

We, the local Rotarians, are so thankful to our Rotaplast volunteers, medical and non-medical for their selfless services to our Filipino brothers and sisters who have benefited from the missions.

As the chairperson for this year’s Rotaplast, allow me on behalf of our club the Rotary club of Cebu Port Center and the people of Cebu to sincerely express our appreciation to Rotaplast International Medical Mission and its volunteers for the great and selfless service that they have extended to our people. Honestly there are not enough words to express our thanks and appreciation to our brothers and sisters of Rotaplast International Medical Mission.

Rotaplast indeed has brought so much hope to our people, especially those suffering from facial deformities to live their lives and continuing to dream.  Now those who have benefited from Rotaplast have lived normal lives, contrary to their previous experiences.  They had been treated like monsters, made fun of and used as an example by mothers to scare their misbehaving children.  Today many if not most of those who underwent the surgery are back to school acquiring the important education that is necessary for them to resume dreaming of better lives.


Written by:  Ricky Poca, Chairmen of the 2009 Rotaplast Mission for the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Center.