Michael was born with both bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate.  During the 2008 Cebu Mission his cleft lip was repaired.  Today his cleft palate was repaired.  Michael’s mother talked about how these restorative procedures have dramatically changed Michael’s outlook in life.

Michael has four older brothers.  Two of his brothers are currently in college and two are in high school.  Unlike his siblings, Michael never attended school because he was ashamed of his physical appearance.  Prior to his cleft lip repair he even refused to look in the mirror. After his lip surgery had healed Michael loved to look at his new reflection in the mirror but still refused to go to school because of his cleft palate.  Now that his cleft palate surgery is complete his mother says he is finally ready to start school.

Michael’s mother was so grateful to the Rotaplast surgeons that she asked for their email addresses so she could send a personal “thank you” to the people she credits with giving her son a new face and a new future.

Genna Badayos was born with a left cleft lip and palate. At two year’s of age, she is a dramatic illustration of how one hour and fifteen minutes of surgery can change a little girl’s life. Genna’s mother cradled her as she recovered from anaesthesia while Rotaplast team members and hospital staff alike stared in awe at this beautiful toddler.


Rotaplast surgeons and support staff worked tirelessly this day from 6 a.m. this morning until 10 p.m. this evening. The long day was a Rotaplast success; thirteen children were transformed.