Rotaplast is international cooperation. Rotaplast is about changing lives and creating new smiles for little children with cleft palate, and/or, cleft lip.  This is truly an international effort involving local volunteers as well as our diverse team from France, Canada and the U.S.

It is a mission supported around the world by clubs, districts, and volunteer medical personnel who step away from their jobs to help the Rotaplast mission.

The beautiful city of Udaipur in India is the site of our mission.  Great work and good news continues in our second week.

We have screened lots and lots of children for surgery. 

  Dad child screening

This is a process that involves a certain amount of waiting time, because many moms, dads and kids converge on the hospital for a screening clinic.  You can see that traditional clothing is the norm where Rotaplast is currently working in Udaipur.  (Photo taken by Russ Mazzola.)


Udaipur is a city several hundred years old, surrounded still (in part) by the remnants of the old walled city.  The walls are visible from the central city lakes that we visited Sunday afternoon.

  Udaipur wall

Erin Murphy is one of our hard working PACU nurses. Erin has a gentle grace and dedication to bring comfort to those children in her care.

  Erin PACU

Scott Rollins (Ellensburg, WA Rotarian) and Jeanne Kille, an OR Nurse from Salt Lake City, pictured below, are two more dedicated members of this Rotaplast team.

  Scott and Jeanne

The heat has been tremendous, and the team has faced diverse challenges, but all are well. We appreciate the good wishes, emails, and other news we hear from home. Keep the positive thoughts and prayers a coming too!  

We are happy to be in Udaipur, and proud to represent Rotaplast on this important mission. 

A young 18-year-old boy with polio and a cleft lip received special help from the team. His lip was repaired and the team purchased a 3 wheeled-bike-wheelchair – that will help him move about. He and his father were overwhelmed by the changes brought to their lives. 

Little six-year-old  Karma gave us all joy today. Severely burned four years ago, his surgery involved freeing his lower lip and chin from where the fire fused it to his chest.  His hand was also repaired where burn damage had limited mobility. 

The PACU nurses said one of Karma's first requests was to drink water from a cup. What a joy to see this little boy receive help, thanks to all of you who help Rotaplast change lives, and create smiles.