On March 11th, after two flights, we finally made it to Guatemala City! 

Arrival airport


Group shot

And thankfully so did our medical supplies…all 36 boxes!!


Arrival bus


After a grabbing a quick bite to eat we left for the Military Hospital to prepare for the next day. 


Dalit Wolfe RN, Ellie Andrews, and Cate Rafferty waiting for our bus to arrive to take us to the hospital!



 Our amazing team of Anesthesiologists, Dr. Tim Conahan, Dr. Mark Moore, Dr. Iskra Ivanova, and Dr. Amir Amini.


Rotaplast team day 1 lunch

Team Rotaplast having lunch before catching the bus.


At the hospital, we were met by the Personal Secretary of the Second in Command of the Military Hospital, Ms. Vanessa Lemus as well as our wonderful host Silvana Ayuso. They are both pictured here with our Mission Director Brian Walker. 

Vanessa Lemus, Silvanna, Brian- hospital day 1


After unloading 36 boxes of medical supplies, we set off to get all of the rooms ready to welcome everyone the next day!

Room 1 medical supplies

Room 1 of medical supplies.

Dalit, Melanie and setting up for day 1

Nurse Dalit, Nurse Melanie, and Nurse Jean getting the PACU room ready to check vitals and do intake during clinic day.

Inside waiting area after

George Pereira, Ellie Andrews, Cate Rafferty, Maria Guldner, and Sangita Seshadri preparing the registration area where over 300 people are expected to be seen!


 Team meeting in the children's ward

Ready for the day 2!

and we are ready to end day 2 and begin day 3 at the clinic! Let the good times begin!!