After sleeping for a few hours, we left the hotel at 6 am to start clinic day at the hospital.

When we arrived hundreds of people were already lined up waiting to be seen by our amazing team.

Here is a before and after picture of our outside waiting area:

Outside waiting area-before


and after…

Waiting area after

 Before beginning clinic day, our gracious hosts had a welcome ceremony for us.

Welcome ceremony-1

 The Military Hospital Staff preparing to sing the national anthem of Guatemala.

Welcome ceremony 2

The flag of Guatemala

Carlos Ramirez -Portilla- Pres of rotoplast and Col. de Ingenieros Urias Gudiez Garcia foundation: guatemala

Mission Director Brian Walker, Silvana Ayuso, Carlos Ramirez-Portilla, Colonel de Ingenieros Urias Gudiez Garcia Rotaplast Foundation/Guatemala, Dr. Ron Gemberling.


At the welcome ceremony

Dr. Gagan Sabharwal, Sangita Seshadri, Dr. Iskra Ivanova.

Silvana Ayuso and Jose Francisco Morales Bornilla-Pres of Club Rotario Guatemala de la Asuncion

Silvana Ayuso and Jose Francisco Morales Bornilla-President of Club Rotario Guatemala de la Asuncion.


We then took a great team photo!! 

Rotoplast team pic



Go team Rotoplast- hurrah!


After our team picture and welcome ceremony, we went back to the clinic. On the way there I met some incredible children and their parents who had been waiting in line since 4 am.

Isequel day 1


Karen day 1


Waiting day 1-5


Waiting day 1-4


Waiting day 1- 3


Day 1 waiting-1

Waiting 6

While waiting, many kids made new friends and played with bubbles which were supplied by our own Bruce Hodgin, otherwise known as Dr. Payaso (Dr. Clown) !!

Bubbles waiting day 1



Alexandra and Ana making faces

New BFF's Alexandra and Ana!

We then began seeing everyone in the rooms that were set up the night before…great job everyone!

Waiting 5


Waiting 4



Seeing patients -1






Doc pic


Fam pic


Heidy exam clinic day



Every child that came through our doors received a stuffed animal and stickers!!

Doodoos 1


Doodoo 2


Then families waited outside to hear if they were on the list for surgery the next few days.

Waiting 3



Karen c and mom waiting to hear if they got in


Here are some of the children that were selected for surgery!!

Chosen 1


Chosen 5



Chosen 3


Chosen 4


Some people were chosen later in the day. Families waited until 7:00pm to find out whether or not they were on the list for surgery.

Waiting night 2-silvana

We ended the day around 9:00pm with two very special people, Norma and Damaris.

Norma received cleft lip repair surgery from Rotaplast when she was less than a year old and came back to say hello to everyone and to share with us her before and after pictures. 

Norma before and after with Amir and Mark

Dr. Amir Amini, Norma, Dr. Mark Moore

Then we received lots of hugs from Damaris who was selected for surgery and came back to say thanks!!!

You're awesome Damaris!!