Each morning the Rotaplast doctors make the rounds in the ward checking on patients from the day before and examining new patients for the day’s surgery schedule.  This is typically when we may find a patient hasn’t arrived or a child may have eaten too late. If either happens the surgical schedule would need to be rearranged.


Augustine, a lively animated 14 year old, suffered a burn to his face at a young age when his head scarf caught fire.  Rotaplast released a burn scar contracture to his eye, thus saving the sight in that eye.


Sandra also had a burn scare contracture release from her arm which allows for better mobility. Here, she and Holly share a smile while saying good-bye as Sandra gets ready to go home.


Rosemary, 16 is a stunning young woman.  She’s here for an excision of a large keloid from her cheek.  Her father who accompanied her, speaks English very well.  He’s a mountaineer guide. He makes a living escorting groups to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.


While waiting for Rosemary to enter the surgical unit, Rosemary’s dad took some time to help Holly, our ward coordinator with her Swahili.


Linda transports patients to the surgical unit and sits with them until a nurse signals that it is their turn. Nurse Ted greets the patient and accompanies him into the operating room.


The recovery room or PACU can be a very busy place when patients are finished in the OR.  Surgeons and anesthesiologists hand over the patient to the recovery nurses, report is given and the patient is made to feel comfortable as they wake up.



Back at the ward, grandmothers admire baby Ryan with amazement at his pretty little smile.