Day 4 starts early and quickly settles into a rhythm.  In the ward, the recuperation of yesterday’s patients is carefully monitored prior to their discharge. Tomorrow’s patients will soon arrive to take their places in the ward.  Meanwhile, today’s patients are taken to the OR throughout the day. The ward atmosphere today seems more relaxed and optimistic, as families are reassured by seeing the successful results of those who went before them.

Coverphoto-3099Each patient exits the OR with a surgical repair, to the relief and joy of the waiting family members.  Their reunion in the PACU is further warmed by beautiful handmade quilts from far away, gifts from others who want to make a difference.  On this mission, 4 quilts were made by Sherrin Palmateer, wife of a Past District Governor in Canada, and delivered to Bangladesh by Rotarian Tanya.

Coverphoto-3320Coverphoto-8964Everyone on the team are well and looking forward to their day off tomorrow.

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