Clinic day,  people come from near and far full of hope that they could have surgery. The team assembled and set up the necessary stations to assess each possible patient.

They were escorted through each of these stations. The set up and flow was carefully planned to be as efficient as possible. Success! The day went very well. With the help of a number of volunteers from the Sylhet Women’s Medical College acting as interpreters and runners, they did a great job throughout the day.

Everyone who came was checked in and seen by the necessary medical professional, during this process a decision was made as to whether surgery was an option. There were more than lips and palates taken into consideration for surgery. A long day filled with anticipation for the week ahead, let the surgery begin.

A number of factors went into this decision, sadly for various reason there were patients that could not have surgery. With this in mind the following story came to mind,


A man walking on the beach came across starfish that with the high tide had become stranded at the high watermark with the receding tide. As he walked he bent over and picked one up and threw it back to the ocean. By the number of stranded starfish he could not possibly throw them all back, however he kept going. As he walked he came across a boy at the waters edge, curious the boy asked what he was doing. Throwing back the stranded starfish was the answer. The boy answered that there were so many how could he throw so many back, what difference would it make. To this the man replied as he bent down picking up a starfish hurling it into the sea, “It will to this one.”Coverphoto-8562 Coverphoto-8537 Coverphoto-8503 Coverphoto-8469 Coverphoto-8456 Coverphoto-8443 Coverphoto-8441 Coverphoto-8440 Coverphoto-2403 Coverphoto-2382 Coverphoto-2329 Coverphoto-2283 Coverphoto-2238 Coverphoto-2236 Coverphoto-2221 Coverphoto-2214 Coverphoto-2202 Coverphoto-2179 Coverphoto-2178