Today, we are very challenged by having seven members of the team incapacitated with what acts like stomach flu. We were fortunate, however, in having the son and daughter of two of our local team members volunteer to serve as translators and assistants. Thanks to everyone’s dedication, together we overcame these challenges and performed a total of 13 surgeries.

Saving Smiles — Changing Lives

The facial transformation that occurs with some cleft lip operations can be dramatic. The following before and after photographs illustrate just how transformational it can be.

For example, this is Eric before his operation and recovering in the PACU only one hour later.

This is Jousé just before his operation and two hours later in the post operation ward.

These are just two examples of the many miracles made possible through the generosity of Rotaplast donors and the significant contributions of the time and skills of talented and caring people such as the volunteers featured below.

Orthodontist Dr. Rosario Mayro evaluates one of our patients.

Patient transporter Leslee Hamilton

Lead PACU Nurse Luisa Poquiz.