Jesus’ mother Margarata is deaf.  She and her family are homeless and live in a Jeepney which is a small transport bus in Camp Marina Barangay Opra.  They traveled by motorcycle and two Jeepneys to get here.   Margarata and one year old Jesus is accompanied by her 17 year old daughter to interpret.  Margarata has 9 children.  Three of the nine were born with cleft lip and palate.  Her husband, a construction worker was also born with cleft lip and palate.  His lip was fixed years ago.  His palate was not.  Of the three children with cleft anomalies, one child, 10 years old had her lip fixed.  Her palate was not.  Another child, 2 years old was too malnourished to receive an operation.  He was taken by a missionary group to be fed and cared for until he is strong enough for an operation. Jesus had his lip fixed yesterday.  His 17 year old sister Nerie and young brother help their mother with Jesus on the ward.