Eunil , 16 attends school.  At closing ceremonies in March a women he did not know approached him to tell him help exists in Cebu City for his cleft.   Abounding Love was at his home within days to connect him to the Cebu City Rotaplast mission.  Eunil traveled the four hours with his grandmother from Astorias, Cebu Provence in the southern part of Cebu. His father works in construction as a cement worker.  His mother stays home to care for his six siblings.  Eunil tells me they are very supportive of his trip to Rotaplast.  Eunil says he is bullied greatly at school but he doesn’t care.  He tells his tormentors, “I just come to school to study.  I don’t care what you think of me.”  Eunil loves to study.  His favorite subjects are social studies and science.  He plans to be a police officer.   I tell Eunil he is very brave.  He smiles softly, his lip still a little swollen.Eunil confidently stands with his surgeon Dr. Hootan Daneshmand to show everyone his new smile.