Flexibility has been the key word these past two days.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are down two team members.  Instantly, assignments are juggled around. The team rallies together switching gears and in a couple cases adjusting positions to get the job done. We arrive to the ward filled with hungry, hot and thirsty kids. After the doctors make their rounds checking on post-op and pre-op patients, the first two patients are quickly processed and transported to surgery. 

A local nurse speaks through a public address system to instruct those being discharged.

The local nurses are an integral part of our team.  In addition to processing patients, they care for our patients in the ward, monitor and aid those in need and interpret during rounds. Daghang Salamat!

Six month old Jasper Jr. lives in North Cebu Provence of Daandanta Yan Provence about 4 hours away with his parents and 4 other siblings ages 11, 7, 5, and 2.  Parents Jose, Sr. and Leira were understandably sad when Jasper, Jr was born with a cleft lip.  However, their midwife reassured them that his lip can be repair while he is young.  For two months they weren’t sure how that could happen.  Then a close friend of their family contacted Abounding Love who told them that Rotaplast would be in Cebu City in October.Leira is so appreciative of Rotaplast surgeon Dr. Sibrand Schepel.  She asked me the day before to please find him so that she could get a picture with him.  Soon after, she sat with her family as we continued to talk. “He drinks a lot of milk now,” Leira says with a smile as she breast feeds her health baby. “Now when he grows up, he will not be shy!  He will be smiling all his years!”Wendie, Jr. had his bi-lateral cleft lip repaired today.Tears filled his mother’s eyes as she entered the recovery room.  “I’m happy Rotaplast could help my baby.”