Inside the operating room, Drs Mark  Fisher and Gary Salomon work on the hand of 4 year old Saloni.  Saloni’s fingers are fused together rendering her hand useless.  Releasing her fingers will give her the use of her hand. Nurse Rashpail Basi, RN and Dr. Arroyo look on.PACU Nurses Jean Petro, RN and Jane Luey, RN receive the first patient of the day, 7 month old Shanef from Diane Salomon, CRNA. Shanef had his cleft lip repaired during an operation that took approximately one and one half hours; an operation that will change his life forever.

Shanef’s mother comforts him as they return to the post-op ward.

Rotaplast team member Marina Adrianzen sterilizes surgical instruments in preparation for another surgery.Medical Director Dr. Karla Werninghaus is assisted by a local hospital scrub nurse.Dr. Andrea May checks in on a recovery patient along with Jean Petro, RN.   Three patients out and the day has just begun.