Meeting with the hospital leadership was an important part of the clinic preparations.  Pictured is the meeting with Dr. OmRy Shariff Chande, Regional Medical Director. The Rotaplast Team also met with other hospital leaders to review and discuss opening of the Rotaplast clinic beginning with the screening of patients as candidates for surgery, administration, surgery and post-surgery protocols.

Mount Meru Regional Hospital

The hospital staff made and posted special decorations at each location the team would be working.  Pictured is Rotarian John Chase, District 5300 Governor with Rotaplast Team welcome decorations.

Rotaplast Netherlands Team Members Pictured L-R Sibrand Schepel, MD; Rene Clement Vreuls, MD; Agnes  Van Heezik-Wolfkamp; Bernard Thio;  MD; and Marianne Koebrugge.

Although the mission is supported by volunteers for both the medical team and non-medical support personnel it takes significant resources to commission a Rotaplast mission from supplies needed to transportation to general expenses.  This mission to Arusha is being jointly sponsored by Rotaplast Netherlands, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting these missions and by Rotary International District 5300. As Governor of District 5300 (Rotary year 2018/2019) John Chase made supporting a Rotaplast mission a priority, the clubs and individuals within the District came thru with the funds to support this mission.  Governor Chase stated “it is testimony of service-above-self that our District Rotary clubs and individual members came forward with the funds to support this mission, working with Rotaplast Netherlands is exciting and reaffirms what can be accomplished by working together”.  In addition to providing funds, both Rotaplast Netherlands and Rotary District 5300 are supporting the mission with Team Members.

Pictured from L-R is Kevin Wool; John Chase; Patrick LeBrun; Eric Boyd; Eduardo Garcia; , Drexel Smith

The walk back to hotel along with shop vendors.