Determination and Grit – – Vavita

When I first saw Vavita I was astounded that someone could survive the horrible burns she had experienced.  The burns were all over her upper body from her eyes down her abdomen and both arms were locked at a 45 degree angle.  She was burned when she was 15 and she is now 35.  Both her parents have died and one brother has died.  She is cared for by her brother that works in a glass factory.  Her surgery was the most complicated of this trip, with the surgeons releasing both her chin/neck area and both arms to give her some more mobility.  She stayed two nights in the hospital after her surgery.  However, as we have come to know Vavita, we have seen resilience and grit.  When examining her, the doctor’s noted that she was able to tie up her pants, no small feat when your arms are locked at a 45 degree angle and your fingers are partially burned.   Each time I walk by, she waives at the staff and doctors.

The picture above is of the puzzle that Vavita put together…she has learned to cope with her severe injuries . . . and she is very good at puzzles……..

Pre-Surgery Examinations

Prior to the surgery, the patients are examined again by Dr. Goel & NP Madden.

The ward crew gets Nitkin ready for surgery. Patient Transporter Sandra McLaughlin [Left], Ward Coordinator Sharon Johnson-May [Left Center], Dr. Goel [Right Center] NP Madden [Right].

Dr. Goel and NP Madden pre-screen the patients before they go into surgery and take care of them when they come out of surgery until the patients are ready to go home.