2019 Narnaul, India

Nov 20, 2019

Come Fly with Me

Narnaul, India

33 hours! That’s right, 33 hours of travel time to get the team from San Francisco to  Narnaul India. The team of 16 brought with them 32 boxes carrying over 500 lbs of medical equipment including surgi... Read More »

Nov 20, 2019

One Step Closer

Narnaul, India

Clinic day is a special day, on every mission.  It’s the day we get to meet the patients, hear their stories, learn more about their culture and eat more of their food.  I have to be honest, we have be... Read More »

Nov 22, 2019

A Whole New World

Narnaul, India

Stats about Cleft Lips and Palates: Doctors don’t always know why a baby develops a cleft, though some may be related to genetic or inherited factors. Some environmental factors can increase the risk... Read More »

Nov 22, 2019

When I see you smile

Narnaul, India

A typical day on a mission starts with doctors/surgeons performing rounds on patients in the ward, those who have had surgeries and those who are scheduled for the current day. The ward is not quiet, with ... Read More »

Nov 24, 2019

Wrap your arms around me

Narnaul, India

Wrap a Smile: Our bodies are designed to tightly control our internal temperature, no matter what the external temperature is. This natural regulation is called thermoregulation.  Our core temperature hol... Read More »

Nov 25, 2019

Better Together

Narnaul, India

We are fortunate to have some very special non-medical volunteers on this mission who are also highly skilled medical professionals.  PACU Assistant Ligaya Agustin and Patient Coordinator Deborah Dean are... Read More »

Dec 1, 2019

When you’re smiling (the whole world smiles with you)

Narnaul, India

“Clinic Day”, our last day on the mission, is where patients come back for follow-up medical appointments post-surgery. As access to health care in developing countries is minimal, patients ensure they... Read More »

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Feb 27, 2024

Day 1 in Cebu City –...

Cebu City, Philippines

Flexibility – the quality of easily adapting and the word of the day as we arrived at the Seventh Day Adventist Miller Hospital in Cebu City. Anticipating a day dedicated to set up and run throughs o... Read More »

Feb 6, 2024

Home sweet home

Sylhet, Bangladesh

I’m writing this from my house now.  After a little over thirty hours travel time, from Sylhet to Dhaka, Dhaka to Dubai, Dubai to Athens, and then Athens to Newark, with layovers, security checkpoin... Read More »