2008 Chengde, China

Oct 28, 2008

Rotaplast Team Arrives

Chengde, China

A group of half awake Rotarians met at YVR – Vancouver airport at 5:00 AM on October 26, 2008 to start our journey to Chengde, China. Each one of us had our one suit case stuffed with two weeks clothing Read More »

Oct 29, 2008

Screening Day

Chengde, China

Today was the screening day. A remarkable 172 infants, children and teens were examined today. Many traveled four or more hours to get to the hospital. Each person was first registered, given a number and ... Read More »

Oct 30, 2008

First Day of Surgery

Chengde, China

    Today was about four-year-old Tian Rui and twelve other children who received life changing surgery because of the partnership between Rotary and Rotaplast and the commitment of the medical... Read More »

Oct 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Chengde, China

Today there were only treats for the children. They did not all appreciate that today would mark a significant change in their life. Many only saw a lot of strange looking people wearing odd clothing, with... Read More »

Nov 1, 2008

A Seven Hour Half Day

Chengde, China

Saturday was scheduled as a half day. That means we started at 7:00 AM and the last child left the recovery room at 1:30 PM to move to the ward.Some of the surgeries were more complex involving dental work... Read More »

Nov 2, 2008

Make Dreams Real

Chengde, China

“Make Dreams Real” is the theme this year of Rotary International President D.K. Lee. His goal is to reduce infant mortality and improve the lives of children. The partnership of Rotary and Rotaplast c... Read More »

Nov 4, 2008

Heartfelt Thanks

Chengde, China

Everyday we are thanked by the children and their parents. Today was special. One parent took the time to have banner made and presented to the team (see photo). We also received notes and letters from the... Read More »

Nov 5, 2008

A home visit

Chengde, China

Today I had the opportunity to visit one of the children in their home. I was driven 60 km out of Chengde into a rural farming area to visit Zhang Ru. Zhang had a cleft lip repaired and rhinoplasty (nose Read More »

Nov 6, 2008

Meet the Surgeons

Chengde, China

Our team of plastic surgeons in Chengde are: Dr. Frank R. Walchak, Spokane, WA Dr. Paul D. Angelchik, Glendale, AZ Dr. James Leake, Marrietta, GA Dr. Alex McCulloch, Colorado Springs, CO The team keeps thr... Read More »

Nov 7, 2008

Final Day of Surgery

Chengde, China

Applause and cheers were heard today as the last child operated on during this mission was wheeled out of the recovery room.  Hugs and hand shakes were exchanged between team members and Chengde North Hos... Read More »

Nov 8, 2008

The last day

Chengde, China

Zhao Ming Yuan before & after surgery The final clinic was held today.  There were 15 children still on the ward and about 35 children and teens showed up for the clinic. Those that lived more than fo... Read More »

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